Your truth matters!

Hi, I’m Hannah.
I put the shadows into my light and share them in order to help others. There are certain things that needs to be realised because it’s time for CHANGE!
I stand up not only for myself but for many of my sisters and brothers!

Life Lessons

SURRENDERING INTO EMOTIONS So many times that I find myself stuck in my emotions. Wanting to control every fear, every tear, every insecurityBut to be honest.. It only takes more energy and in the end I’m even more exhausted.  If I let go, if i surrender to my emotions as they are, it feels challenging. It’s likeContinue reading “Life Lessons”

Het begin van het einde

Het was al lang geleden dat ik nog eens met een vriendin op reis ging en eindelijk was het weer zo ver. Ik kon haast niet meer wachten! Het vliegtuig op en op weg naar de zon! Ik had echter geen flauw idee waaraan ik begon of wat er mij te wachten stond. De eerste dagenContinue reading “Het begin van het einde”


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A young woman that shares her
life journey and stands up for others.

It’s never too late to make a change.

You got to put it into the light to become aware of how much we as a human can do, to make the world a better place for all of us.