Did adoption influenced my life?

For sure ! First of all, I’m aware of that my life could’ve turn out in so many different ways. I could have been living with my mom, helping her out to make money.Or being poor and walking down the street and asking strangers for money.Just so many other realities that it could’ve been. ButContinue reading “Did adoption influenced my life?”

My first questions as an adopted child: Why and When?

Why did I get adopted? I was 7 years when I looked inside my document for the first time. I’ve found a letter were my mother explains me why. My mother was a hard worker. She took care of the house, her older sisters and brothers and her first born daughter. My mother was alreadyContinue reading “My first questions as an adopted child: Why and When?”

Het begin van het einde

Het was al lang geleden dat ik nog eens met een vriendin op reis ging en eindelijk was het weer zo ver. Ik kon haast niet meer wachten!┬áHet vliegtuig op en op weg naar de zon! Ik had echter geen flauw idee waaraan ik begon of wat er mij te wachten stond. De eerste dagenContinue reading “Het begin van het einde”

Visiting my Motherland for the first time

I’ve always been a really social, friendly and heart warmed person but growing up in a country as Belgium was not easy. Belgian people are in my opinion closed and hard to connect with, because of that I felt for a lot of times alone and that I should not be the person tot IContinue reading “Visiting my Motherland for the first time”